Demolition Contractors

We work with demolition companies to reclaimed lumber and timber from projects in the U.S.

Reclaimed wood saves disposal costs, generates project income and helps to preserve the environment – and a piece of history. Old growth woods can only be harvested from dismantled buildings in the U.S.



Building Type: Joists and timbers from buildings constructed before WWI (about 1910).

Size: 3” thick joists up to large 20” timbers. 10’ is the shortest length.

Species: All species, including Heart Pine, Oak, Spruce, White Pine, Cypress, and Chestnut.

Quantity: 30 yard container minimum, to multiple truckloads, based on species and location.

We offer experienced and reliable service, competitive prices, and prompt payment. Call us for referrals. If you’re dismantling an old warehouse, factory, mill, storage tank or other wood framed structure, we’d be interested in hearing from you about the project.

The following adapted from Reducing Wood Waste: A Builder’s Guide at


Across North America, wood waste is the largest contributor to Construction & Demolition (C & D) waste.

It’s estimated that on average wood waste makes up 31% of C&D waste and has been tracked as high as 45% in some cities.


Lower Costs – Disposal costs are lower.
Environment – Reclaiming wood lessens your impact on the environment by reducing the need for new products and reducing methane gas emissions from landfills. Reduces the need to harvest standing forests to produce new lumber.
Public Relations – Improves company image. We live in an increasingly green-thinking society, and more customers are looking to work with environmentally responsible companies.

Any effort made to salvage materials is better than sending them to a landfill. Why throw away valuable items when they can be given a second life?

RESOURCES is a collection of resources aimed at keeping wood waste out of landfills.

Building Materials Reuse Association at provides resources to facilitate building deconstruction and salvage of building materials.

Construction Materials Recycling Association at promotes the recycling of recoverable building materials.